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Tutorial: How to make a Kids Fleece Fringe Scarf

 Kids Fleece Fringe Scarf

I see ladies and kids wearing these Fleece Scarfs everywhere! At the super market, at the park, but mostly at our drill and football practice and games. 

Fleece Scarfs are easy to make and look super cute to wear. 

All you need...
  • 1/4 yard of each color of Fleece you want to use. I used orange and blue to match my daughters drill team, the Gators.
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
How to make a Fringe Fleece Kids Scarf....
  • 1: Cut 4-6 strips of Fleece Fabric into 3" by 60". (4-6 strips- depending how fluffy you want it to be. I only used 4 strips for this scarf)
  • 2: Stack your stips. (My Strips are stacked Orange, Blue, Orange, Blue)
  • 3: Sew down the middle of your strips.
  • 4: Cut 1" Strips all the way around your scarf. Make sure do not cut over your sewing job or you will cut your scarf in half.
  • 5: wear your cute scarf or give as a gift.
Madison, with her new Fleece Fringe Scarf for drill :D

Learn how to make a matching Knotted Fleece Blanket here.

If you have any fleece crafts send an email to I would love to feature your idea!


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