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Tutorial: How To Make A Party Hat

How To Make A Party Hat

I wanted a Party Hat that matched perfect to Jaxson's 1st Birthday Theme, so I made it myself.

Super easy and fun to make. Would, also, be a great craft for the kids to do at the party. The kids would love to decorate their very own party hats.
All You Need....

Party Hat: I just bought a pack of Party Hats, but you can use this Party Hat Template  to create your own out of cardstock. 
Fabric: I used a Red Bandana
Pom Poms
...and anything else you want to dress your hat up with :)
First, carefully open up your hat and lay flat

Cover in Mod Podge

Place on Fabric of your choice

Smooth air bubble and let dry.
I place a heavy book on top of it, so it would dry flat.

I printed a "1" from Word, cut and flipped, and cut it out of Black Felt.

Make sure to flip the number over, before you cut, or it will be backwards.

Once the Mod Podge is dry cut the excess fabric off your hat.

Glue your number "1" in place with your hot glue gun.

Grab an X-ACTO Knife and cut the fabric for the slit. Just follow the slit that is already on the party hat.

Glue your party hat closed with your hot glue gun.

Add Pom Poms to the bottom of your Party Hat and add one to the top.

You just made a one-of-a-kind Party Hat :)


  1. Super cute! Wish I'd have seen this a few weeks ago before my daughter's birthday party!
    I am following from the FFF blog hop - would love for you to stop by and say hello some time :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Born 2 Be Mom

  2. Great idea!!



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