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Kids Halloween Crafts

We do not carve pumpkins in our house because both kids are still so young and because I do not handle knives well. When Daniel and I was 16, we carved a pumpkin and I was using a knife and it went straight through my thumb. It hurt so bad and there was so much blood. My Dad had to grab my thumb just to make sure it was still there. Since that day, I have never carved a pumpkin.

 We asked Madison if she wanted to carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins and, thankfully, she said paint. I love pumpkin painting!

You may remember my post, The Perfect Pumpkin, from last year. This year we did things a tad bit different....

Painting pumpkins is very kid friendly, but adult supervision is required when using spray paint and hot gluing items to your pumpkin.

Madison wanted me to spray paint the pumpkin solid black. She started the spray painting and I finished it.

She told me where to place the orange spiders and I hot glued them in place.

Glitter Pumpkins....
100% Kid Friendly

Madison Mod Podged the pumpkin...

Then covered the pumpkin in Red Glitter.
Then we added some spiders to the pumpkins for a one-of-a-kind creation from Madison Dae :)

She loved that fact that they look like tiny apples!

Now, go get your Mod Podge on!


  1. cool. love the painting pumpkins. kid friendly, as you said.

  2. How cute! :) And probably faster than carving anyway since you can just use the whole thing!

  3. Yes, it's a lot faster and less messy. Plus, they last a lot longer. It takes a lot longer for them to rot since they are not hallow. We normally glitter the pumpkins orange or brown and use them as decorations for Thanksgiving too :=}


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