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Thanksgiving Crafts ~ 5 Ideas!

Cute Thanksgiving Craft Ideas from last year.

Thanksgiving Crafts #1

Chocolate Covered Marshmellow Pilgram Hats

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Thanksgiving Craft #2:
Matching Mommy and Daughter Turkey Applique Shirts.

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Thanksgiving Craft #3:

Make a Fall Leaf Cake.

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Thanksgiving Craft #4:

Orange Glitter Pumpkin Table Centerpeice.

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Thanksgiving Craft #5:

Fill a Bowl with Silver Acrons for a cute centerpiece.

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  1. Lots of fun ideas! I have a feeling I will be making those hats before Thanksgiving flies by! thanks for the tip!!

  2. Very cute ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you.

  3. These are very cute ideas. Thanks for the follow! I'm now following you back. Take care! =)

    ~ Tiffany

  4. following you back :)
    LOVE the glitter pumpkin!

  5. I'm not nearly as creative as you so I appreciate the great ideas! I think I may be able to handle the glittery pumpkin. :-) Visiting you from the blog hop and now following. Have a great day!!


  6. I LOVE the hats! Those are TOO cute!

    Hi! I am one of the Chevy Mom's and also your newest follower from the PMTO Sensational Social Saturday! I would love it if you would follow back at one or all four of my blogs!

    Have a great evening!

  7. Hi,

    All glitches are fix at my weekend blog hop. All entries including yours now shows up. Next week should go a lot smoother. Thank you for following. Im following back.

  8. Thanks for following The Hickman Four. You have some great ideas and I look forward to reading more.

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog & following me! I am now following you as well. I look forward to reading.

  10. Hey #3 matches my Blog! Visiting from the Sunday Blog Hops!


  11. Hey,

    Beautiful decoration..:)So innovative..:)


  12. wish I had a daughter to make these with!!


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