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Thanksgiving Turkey Toes Teacher Gift

Turkey Toes

Madison wanted to give her teacher a Thanksgiving Gift, so we made a jar of Turkey Toes for her.

We wanted to use the Candy Corn Candies (with the brown) but all our local stores was sold out. I guess it's only a Halloween candy?! So, instead of using the Candy Corn we used the Reeces Pieces Candy.
We filled the jar with a bag of candy, and decorated it with brown and orange ribbon. I made the "Turkey Toes" Tag from the computer and glued it on the jar. Then I just cut a square peice of brown fabric and coved the lid.

Her teacher loved it!

Happy Pre Turkey DAY!

*Sorry for the bad picture. I took it with a camera phone, because I forgot my camera at home and I was already at the school.

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