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Reindeer Applique Shirt

I made this Reindeer Applique Shirt for Jaxson last night. I love how to came out and I'm making Madison one tonight or tomorrow. Her Reindeer Applique Shirt will be wearing a hair bow :)
Supplies Needed:
Brown, Beige, White, Black, and Red Fabric
Brown, Beige, White, Black, and Red Thread
Heat N Bond Lite
Reindeer Applique Template
White Shirt

All you do is...
  1. Make a Reindeer Applique Template. I drew my template by hand, but I'm sure you can find one through google search. The reindeer's head is like a candy corn shape. I drew a candycorn with ears, antlers, a nose, and eyes. I then made a copy of the template from my printer.
  2. Cut out your Template seperating the parts. This is when the second copy comes in hand.
  3. Iron Heat N Bond to your 5 Fabrics and trace the body parts on the back of the heat N bond.
  4. Cut out each shape
  5. Arrange the Reindeers face on your shirt and iron in place
  6. Use a ziz-zag stich and sitch around your applique. Make sure to match the thread to the fabric you are sewing.
I will post step by step instuctions along with pictures in a feature date. I'm a picture person learnern =)

This is the most detailed applique I have ever made. I can't wait to make more :)

Jaxson loves it. I ask him "where is the red nose reindeer" and he points to his shirt and smiles.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Cute! I so wish I was more creative like that.

  2. That looks so cute that i can't wait till you post the step-by-step instructions. I would love to make this for my little cousin. She would love it :)


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