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Wrestling Ring Cake

 Two Tier Wrestling Ring Cake
Cakes By Raychel

Tips to make a Wrestling Ring Cake yourself...

The black poles are spaghetti noodles covered in black fondant. I put the noodle all the way down the cake and left 2" of the noodle sticking out of the cake. Then, I covered the noodle in black fondant, shaping it into a pole.

Put little indents on the black fondant poles to hold up white string for the Wrestling Ring Ropes.

Double knott the string behind one of the back poles.

The left side of this Wrestling Ring Cake says, "Collin's 6th Birthday" and the right side says, "Let's Rumble" in red fondant.

Top of the cake is a 4" x 4" black cutout fondant square.

I used white and red buttercream icing to make the World Wrestling Symbol.

It's just two W's traced a few times over again in white buttercream.
The front of the cake is grey fondant with "ARE YOU READY?"

Then I made a bar code with "ADMIT ONE" under neath. It matched the invitations to the party.

Very easy to make and I really enjoyed decorating it. My favorite was setting up the Wrestling Ring and painting the lines for the bar code.


  1. Cute idea! I like the little phrases too :)

  2. What a cute cake. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely! How did u make white butter cream

  4. I was surfing the wed for a customer of mine to give her ideas for her ring cake and this is the one she chose. So i will be recreating this cake. Thanks for the share.


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