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Girly Fondant Robot Cakes

Girly Fondant Robot Cakes
Cakes By Raychel
I made these robot cakes for my cousin, Kennedy's 13th Birthday.

I did a quilting pattern for the top of the robot cake and added a colorful robot to the front of the robot cake

Super easy to make
 Use squares, circles, half circles, stars, rectangles, and flowers to make your own robot.

For the second robot cake I wanted it to be simple and sweet with a colorful robot.

The top of the robot cake is the quilting pattern with Wilton's Sugar Pearls.

I wanted it to have a fabric look and I cut the bottom of the fondant with Pinking Shears.

The Robot Cake cake topper is a rice krispy treat covered in fondant.

Tips To Make Your Own Robot Cake Topper:
  • Shape rice krispies in to two squares, one large and one small.
  • Cover the square with a thin layer of icing
  • Cover with fondant and smooth it out
  • Use wire for the arms and antenna and cover it in fondant.
  • Decorate your Robot :)

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