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 Valentine's Day!
Things you already know...
Flowers and a Card:

The best part of the card is the hand-written personal love note venting your feelings.

 It doesn't matter if flowers only live a week. It's nice to get flowers from the one you love. Flowers brighten up the day and brings a smile to the face :)


A small goody bag is enough to place a smile on the kiddos face or add a Pillow Pet and and a Movie for a bigger gift.


You can not go wrong with candy, so get some sweets for your sweetheart♥!


Shower the one you love with kisses! One for every year you have celebrated this day together. 

I, honestly, could care less about any of the flowers, cards, candy, and gifts, as long as I am with my loves on Valentine's Day, but it sure is nice to be spoiled and get showered with love and gifts :)

I bought three Chocolate Candy Flower Bouquets from my friend Ashlee who is starting a bakery. My Mom, Step-Mom, and Mother-in-Law loved them! These would be a great gift for birthdays and mother's day. Order yours today by clicking on the link. Tell her Raychel sent you :)

Here is Madison with her pillow pets. She loves them! She has 2 unicorns, 1 small unicorn, 1 cheetah (no longer for sale), 2 dogs, 1 ladybug, 1 bumble bee, and 1 valentine's dog. If you are thinking about a gift to give a litle boy or girl this is the PERFECT GIFT! Go to My Pillow Pets to order yours today!

She is dying for the Zebra Pillow Pet :)

How was your Valentine's Day?

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