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6 Years Old Today! Zebra Outfit.

Happy 6th Birthday, Madison!
6 years has come and gone since my baby girl was born. People always say, "They grow so fast", but it doesn't mean a thing until it's your child. She is the most creative kid I know. I have so much fun with her. We love dancing around the house and doing crafts together.

Madison makes my heart smile and it makes me so sad to think of the future when she decides to leave home. These six years have gone by so fast and I'm not ready for the next 12 years to sneak up on me.

I know, I know... it's  inevitable and I just need to enjoy it day by day.

I love you Madison Kennedy!!! Because of you I became a Mommy and I love every single minute of it :)

Madison's 6th Birthday Pictures....
Lookin so cute in her Zebra outfit.

Being silly

I love love this picture :)

Climbing a tree :)



  1. happy birthday! looking gooooood:)) looking forward to the party:)

  2. Raychel,your doughter is like an angel,verry beautiful,her eys is amaising.


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