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Zebra Diva Party... Getting Ready

 Madison making a "Happy 6th Birthday Madison" banner....

We are having a great week! We are planning a Diva Zebra Birthday Party for Madison's 6th Birthday.
6 :(   ..... I know.... I look at her and just amazed how fast she is growing.

I have some great ideas that I can not wait to show you, but it will have to wait until next  week. I want to show you the great items I've made and found like...
  •  two different kind of "Happy Birthday" Banners
  • Pink, Black, and White Popcorn
  • All the Zebra Decor and where to find it
  • The 3 teir Zebra Cake and Zebra Cupcakes
  • Zebra Sugar Cookies
  • Madison's Zebra outfit
  • The invitations
...and so much more


I will show each item and tell you where you can find it for your upcoming Zebra Party :)

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  1. oh, I am sooo looking forward to seeing this.... The banner looks amazing! I am anxios to see it all. Have agreat party!


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