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Easter Tutu Wreath with Curly Ribbon by Michelle

Easter Egg Tutu Wreath with Curly Ribbon

Click to view Michelle's tutorial on how she made her Easter Egg Tutu Wreath.

My favorite thing about Michelle's Easter Wreath is the curly ribbon. What a great idea and you've really inspired me to make a Birthday Party Tutu Wreath with lots and lots of CURLY RIBBON.

Looks great as a centerpiece, too!

Thanks for sharing Your Creative Way, Michelle :)

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  1. so CUTE! I love the wreath! I am such a DIY gal so I will definitely check back often to get ideas. Any advice about DIY for weddings? I'm going to try to create most of my wedding decor and favors. Anywho, thank you for stopping by my blog, All that Glitters! Hope you can stop back by soon.

    xoxo, Ashley
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