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Tip: Storing your left over Easter food

Tip for storing your Easter leftovers...

Easter is only a few days away which means you will most likely have left over food. I am so bad about not putting food away, but this year I'm going to create these reuseable freezer labels.

This idea is from Kim Kelly over at Out of Office.

Thanks for sharing this idea, Kim! I love it. My freezer is in desperate need of organization, so this is great.

 I can, also, use this idea in many different areas throughout my home, like in my craft room! Instead of using normal labels I can create these. If I ever decide to rearrange everything I can just wipe the label clean and write in the new item I want to put there, instead of replacing every label.

What could you do with this idea?

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  1. In the playroom closet! I keep the closet stocked with toys that alternate out every now and then (so it's like NEW toys each time) and then the old ones go back in that bin, perfect for that!!


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