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Beer Bucket Cake. Father's Day Cake.

Father's Day Beer Bucket Cake
I made this cake for the Dad's in my family. My wonderful Husband, my Dad, my step-Dad, and my Father-in-Law.

I used real beer bottles for the beer, rock candy for the ice, and covered the sides of the cake in wood looking fondant.

Happy Father's Day 2011!!


  1. That turned out awesome and I'm sure they will love it!!! It looks so real :)

  2. did you put something in the cake to hold the beer up?

  3. Yes, I used plastic rods to hold them up. Like when you want to add a top tier to a cake.

  4. Did you let the fondant dry for a few days or just applied it to the cake? If you did let it sit for a few days what did you put it on to keep its roundness? TIA!

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  6. how did u make the rock candy?


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