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Tutorial: How to make Camo Cupcakes

Camo Cupcakes Tutorial
by Ashlee Rivera

Check out these adorable Camo Cupcakes my friend, Ashlee, made :)

I made these cupcakes for my boys to give to their dad for Father's Day. I wanted to make a "manly" cupcake so I decided on camouflage.
You will need:
-1 box of yellow cake mix and the ingredients to make it
-Green food color gel
-Brown food color gel
-Cupcake liners
-3 mixing bowls

First preheat the oven to the temperature on the cake mix box.
Make your cake mix.
Separate the batter between three mixing bowls.

Now grab your food color gel and add them to 2 of your bowls of batter.

Once you have put the cupcake liners into your muffin pan start adding a spoonful of batter to each one and then alternate the colors. There is no wrong way of making the pattern.

Continue doing this until your muffin pan is full.

Bake for the amount of time given on your cake mix box.

And they will look like this!
 Camo cupcakes!

You can leave them plain like this or you can frost them. I will be frosting mine with chocolate buttercream! This is also a great recipe to let the kiddos help out with. They can help with spooning the batter into the cupcake liners!

Thanks, Ashlee! These look wonderful and I can not wait to try them!

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