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Cakes by Raychel. Sweet FRIDAY!

Cakes by Raychel

Well, I finally caved. I've decided to started a Facebook page for my cakes. I was hesitant at first, because it is my 3rd facebook page. I'm not liking having a bunch of people I do not even know on  my personal Facebook page any longer.

Please, come and "like" Cakes by Raychel on Facebook. Stay update on all my new cake creations. I plan on making cupcake toppers and selling them in the future. Can't wait to get started, but it will have to wait until after Halloween season. Tutu Fairy is crazy busy and I haven't had time for much of anything else.

Jaxson's 2nd birthday is coming up. I need to work on his invitations this weekend, but I still can not decide what to do. I NEED HELP! What do you think?

I was thinking....
A little Mister party? Mustache's and Ties
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party
Safari Party

I am so stressed out lol and way behind schedule! I would love to hear your thoughts and creative party ideas that I could do.

I hope you have a stress free SWEET FRIDAY!

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  1. Great job on the bow and the quilting! I really like zebra cakes!!


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