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Denver Broncos Tutu Set. Tutu Fairy. Jersey Style Shirt.

Denver Broncos Tutu Set
Zebra Jersey Style Shirt 

This is the newest creation at Tutu Fairy. TF's Denver Broncos Tutu Set was a custom order. I was asked to use zebra print and the Broncos colors Navy & Orange.

The customers favorite player is TEBOW. The Jersey shirt has Tebow's number and name.

Broncos Tutu Set: $54.00

Tutu Fairy's Broncos Tutu Set Includes:

Navy & Orange Tutu Skirt: with Orange/Zebra Bow.
Jersey Style Shirt: with #15 on front and #15 & TEBOW on back
2 detachable Shoulder Puffs: Clip on shoes, hair, or shoulders.
5" Layered Hair Bow

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