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Jaxson is 2 years old!!!

Jaxson turns two!

Yesterday, my baby boy turned 2 years old. I am a very proud Mommy. He is a sweet little boy and truely makes my heart smile everyday.

Jaxson had a wonderful Birthday. We woke him up by opening his door and singing "Happy Birthday". I took him (and Madison) to get donuts for breakfast. That never happens on a weekday. Jaxson had a great lunch (sandwich and fruit) and he had pizza for dinner. We, then, gave him a cupcake and sang "happy birthday" once again. Jaxson got a few presents(the rest will wait until his party) and he received a few cards and money in the mail. He even received a few Birthday phone calls. Jax is only 2, so I do not think he knows what is going on, but he knew it was a special day and that's all that matters.

To top it off, our dog Pinkie had 3 yorkie puppies on his birthday!!

Here are some pictures of Jaxson on his birthday....

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