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Amazing Mickey Mouse 3 Tier Fondant Cake. Oh Toodles Cake. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake

3 Tier Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake with a Rice Krispie Mickey Mouse Ears Cake Topper. Whew say that 3 times fast! lol

Jaxson's 2nd Birthday Party has come and gone and it was F.U.N.!!! I really enjoyed making this cake for his "oh "TWO"dles" Birthday Party.

Close up view

  • The Mickey Mouse Ears Hat (cake Topper) is a Rice Krispy Treat.
  • Top Tier is covered in black fondant with 2 silver Mickey Heads and JAX is red fondant.
  • Middle Tier is covered in white and blue fondant with Mickey in different colors. I wanted the bue fondant to look like paint dripping.   
  • Bottom Tier is covered in red fondant and I cut out gears to cover the entire tier.
  • The Film Reel was make out of gumpaste and was place on the side of the cake

My baby boy is TWO! Well, he turned 2 on September 29th, 2011.

Happy Birthday Jaxson! I love you and love seeing you grow :)

I will post Jaxson's "TWO"dles Mickey Mouse Party soon!

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