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Mickey Mouse Oh Two-dles Party ideas

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas
~Oh "Two"-dles Party~

I had so much fun creating this Mickey Mouse Party for my little man :)

I hope this Mickey Mouse Party Ideas post does just that. I hope this post gives you Mickey Mouse Party Ideas and inspires you to create an amazing Mickey Mouse Party.

The picture above is the Goodies Table.  Included is the the...
3 Tier Mickey Mouse Cake
"Mickey's M&M's"
Mickey Cup Decorations with more M&M's
Mickey Ears: "We've got Ears say Cheers!"
Cupcakes with Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers
Picture of Jaxson's Mickey Invitation
The Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner
Mickey Mouse Dessert Plates, Napkins, and silverware
  • For the backdrop I used Red and White Polka Dot Wrapping Paper I found at Hobby Lobby.
  • I covered the table with a black plastic table cloth and cut some wrapping paper for the table runner. Just tape down in place :)

The cake should be the centerpiece of the whole party.

I made this Mickey Mouse Cake and am very proud of how it turned out. You can learn more about this 3 Tier Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake by clicking the link.

The adorable Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers, Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner, Mickey Mouse Invitations, Birthday Signs, Table Cards, and food labels can be purchased at Totful Memories on Etsy.

 I had a wonderful expierence with Totful Memories and am very satisfied with how everything turned out. I love love the birthday invitations....

Thank you Totful Memories for making Jaxson's Mickey Mouse Party extra great!

1. Mickey Mouse Table Decorations: 3 styrofoam balls glued together as Mickey's Head, Painted black, Glued to ribbon covered wooden dowel, placed in another styrofoam ball inside Mickey Mouse Party Cup and fill up cup with M&M's.
2. Close-up of Mickey Mouse Cake/Goodies Table
3. Mickey Mouse Food Labels: Same step as #1 but place at the bottom of your chip bowl (or anywhere else). Glue "Chips" label to ribbon covered dowel. 
4. Large Mickey Mouse Table Centerpiece
5. Food Table and food labels: Hot Dogs, Buns, Chips, Relish, Mustard etc..
6. Welcome sign: Welcome to Jaxson's Clubhouse
7. Mickey Mouse Goody Bags:  Included all things Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse pencil, tablet to draw/write in, Mickey Candy, Suckers, Bouncy Ball etc..

Mickey Mouse Candy Bouquet. DIY Tutorial HERE

Mickey Mouse Cake Time
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jaxson

All Giggles

Lots of great toys and clothes!

Some of the kids boucing around.

Happy Birthday Boy!

Me and My Kiddos :)

If you have any questions please email me at or leave a comment :)

Hope you enjoyed Jaxson's "OH "TWO"DLES" Party!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Shirt
I couldn't decide on one shirt. Here is the first shirt I made Jax....
Here is the second shirt I made Jax...
I found a mickey mouse shirt at target and added his name and age to the back.

 Are you planning a Mickey Mouse Party? Or howabout a Mickey Mouse first birthday party?  If so click the link for some cute Mickey Mouse party supplies.



  1. Everything look wonderful, it seems that everyone was having a lot of fun. happy Birthday to your little one.

  2. Where did you purchase the flag decorations for the high chair? And I clicked on the link for the cupcake toppers, but they must not be selling the mickey mouse set anymore, do you know of anywhere else I might can find them?

  3. I love everything about your decorations and theme. I can't wait until his 2nd birthday! I am even more excited now! Haha (It's next March)

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  6. I absolutely love this!!! My son is one and loves mickey!!!

  7. Where did you purchase the letters and number for his shirt?

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I just finished the invite and am looking for the next project.


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