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1st Birthday Cupcake Cake. 3 Tier Cupcake Cake.

1st Birthday Cupcake Cake

I made this 3 Tier Cupcake Cake with Cupcake Cake Topper for an old high school friends daughter. I got all the inspiration from a napkin she gave me to go by.

This cake is 3 Tiers with a Rice Krispie Treat Cupcake Cake Topper. Find the link below to learn how to make your own Cupcake Cake Topper.

I used an 8" cake pan, 6" cake pan and I cut out another 6" cake to make the top tier a 5" cake.

 Cupcake ~ Polka Dots ~ Strips ~Polka Dots

Rice Krispie Cupcake Cake Topper

Learn how to make your own Rice Krispy Treat Cupcake Cake Topper HERE.

Check out Tutu Fairy's 1st Birthday Cupcake Tutu Set made to match this exact napkin :)

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