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DIY Cupcake Cake Topper. Rice Krispy Treat Cake Topper

DIY Cupcake Cake Topper Tutorial

I love making cake toppers out of rice krispie treats! It is super easy to do even if you have never worked with fondant before.

Here is a tutorial of how I make things out of Rice Krispie Treats.

You will need:
Fondant: I use Satin Ice or {sometimes} Wiltons.
Wiltons Food Coloring
Exacto Knife
Rice Krispie Treats: (make them yourself or buy a box pre-made)
Gum Paste and Wire for the #1 (optional)

Easy Steps:

First you need to decide if you are going to make your own rice krispie treats or if you will buy them pre-made. I bought mine pre-made this time. I used 5 total.

Open 4 Rice Krispie Treats.

With your hand form your Rice Krispie Treats in to the bottom part of a cupcake. Round sides with a flat bottom and top. Do not crunch your Rice Krispie Treats too much until you get the shape you want.

Once you get the shape you want you can pack it together more for a strong treat that will not fall apart.

Color your fondant by kneading it with your hands, spray your working surface so it doesn't stick (I use pam baking spray), and roll out fondant.

Roll out enough fondant to cover your treat, but do not roll it out too thin.

If you sprayed your counter, and did not roll your fondant out too thin, your fondant will be super easy to pick up and move around.

Pick up your fondant and place it over your Rice Krispie Treat.

Start wih the top... Press the fondant firmly down and work your way to the sides. Smooth out fondant with your hands and cut extra fondant with exacto knife.

The top of your Rice Krispy Treat is now the bottom, so flip it over.
Like the picture above... Smooth your fondant over the top to cover the corners of your cupcake. {Optional} I put lines on the sides of my cupcake.

The napkin is what I want my cupcake to look like.

Open up one more Rice Krispie Treat and form a peak for the frosting part of the cupcake.

For the frosting part of the cupcake...

Roll out a piece of fondant like a snake with your hands. Make sure to put even pressure down so your snack is the same size from start to end. My snake is pretty thick. About 1/2 an inch.

Starting from the base of the frosting part of your cupcake, wrap your snake around the Rice Krispie Treat working your way to the top.

Once you covered the top of your cupcake, firmly press the fondant down so it sticks to the Rice Krispie treat.

Now decorate your cupcake any way you like. My cupcake needs to look like the napkin. I added a Yellow Trim, Purple Swirly Line, and Pink, Purple, Yellow Sprinkles. Just use water to make fondant pieces stick to your fondant cupcake. Do not use too make water or your decorations will slide down your cupcake.

To make the #1...
 Use half fondant and half gumpaste, add food coloring, knead the color in, roll out fondant/gumpaste mixture, cut out a #1 with a cookie cutter or freehand with an exacto knife, place a wire through it, add a fondant yellow flame to the top of your wire and let sit overnight. Place the wire in the top of your cupcake. Your Rice Krispy Treat will hold it steady.

I added Pink Pearl Dust to the darker pink of my cupcake. Just use a brush dipped in Wiltons Pink Pearl Dust and Clear Vanilla Extract.

Here are some other Rice Krispy Cake Toppers I've made....

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  1. That is a work of art. I've never seen fondant icing used on a Rice Krispie centre, but it totally makes sense because they are so firm and can be molded. I take it you put the cupcake on top of the real cake?

  2. Thanks! Yes, it goes on top of a 3 tier first birthday cake that I will post on friday :)

    Thank you for your kind comment!


  3. Thanks for posting! I would love to be able to mkae my daughter an owl cake for her first birthday in March!!! I have no experience whatsoever with fondant and my cake decorating skills are lacking lol! I might do a practice run before then and see if I can do a little something. ;)

  4. Are you serious. My daughter is allergic to gluten and we have yet to find a gluten free cupcake recipe that taste good. I know the rice crispy treats are gluten free but not sure about the fondant. I hope so. This is perfect!!!
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

  5. Wilton's fondant is gluten free but I do not know about Satin Ice Fondant.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have lots of great post coming up so stay connected :)


  6. This looks like a fun thing to try for my first fondant project? So cute. You should come and enter my Vanilla Bean Paste giveaway


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