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Christmas Countdown Crafts. Chalkboard Countdown

Simple Chalkboard Countdown

This is the Chalkboard from my Picture Wall in my livingroom. I really love the idea of having a chalkboard in the livingroom.

This year we made a simple Christmas Countdown. Just 25 days on a chalkboard. The kids put an "X" through the numbers day by day and a foam snowflake goes on our current day til Christmas. Today we have 18 days until Christmas!

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We have done the paper chains. Just make 25 paper chains and tear one down everyday.

We have done the Santa Claus beard. Cut off a section of his beard day by day.

We have added a sticker to a Calendar day by day for 25 days.

It doesn't matter how you do it. The kids just love counting down the days until Christmas :)

How are you counting down the days until Christmas or another Holiday?

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