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Turquoise Picture Wall

Turquoise Picture Wall

It took a few weeks to get this wall together. I had to combine my ideas into one, get family pictures done, and decide how to put it all together.

Our "Family" is growing like a "Tree". "K" for the Kennedy Family, where you can "Just be you!" and feel "Love" all the way through.

I spray painted all the frames brown, turquoise, and white.

We coordinated outfits to match our living room colors.

The Tree is metal from Kirklands.

The butterflies are Christmas Tree ornaments :)

We change up the chalkboard wording weekly. Last week was "Home Sweet Home". This week is "Just be you!" 

The "Family" is a wall decal from Hobby Lobby.

The "Love" is metal from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted.


Tape off where you want your picture wall to be. Form a square or rectangle with blue painters tape and fill it in with anything you decide to add to your picture wall. Be creative, thing outside the box (christmas ornaments), go to blogs or pinterest for inspiration, and get started.

Our picture wall makes me smile :)

A picture from our wall.


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