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Tutorial: How to stamp on fondant with edible ink

Tutorial: Stamping on Cakes

Did you know you can get a rubber stamp and add great details to your cakes?

After seeing different cake decorators using stamps to emboss their fondant with designs I decided to take it to the next level and add color!

It's so simple!!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how I stamp on my fondant with food coloring.

You will need.....

Rubber Stamp
Wilton's icing colors
clear vanilla/almond extract
paint brush
paper towel


For the pictures below I will be creating a "Happy Birthday" label for a cake.

Prepare your surface to prevent fondant from sticking.

Roll out your fondant.

On a plate put some Wilton's Ice Coloring (I used purple) and Clear Vanilla Extract to thin it out some.

Mix well

With a clean stamp press into coloring.

*NOTE* do not mix your cake decorating stamps with your ink stamps*

Make sure your stamp is fully covered. If it is not restamp it in the coloring.

Lightly stamp down on a clean paper towel to get rid of excess coloring. 

EVENLY stamp down over your fondant. Make sure to put down pressure evenly and not too hard. Pressing down too hard will put down an impression of the actual stamp around the design.

Lift up stamp.

If you missed a spot do not restamp over it. You most likely will not get it lined up exactly right. Just use your paint brush and fill it in or leave it alone. I'm sure it looks great either way.

Then cut around your image. I used a circle cutter to make a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign to add to my cake.

Let dry and add it to your cake with a small dab of water.

To stamp on a cake.....

Do the same thing as above but.......

 ..when you press your stamp on the cake remember a round cake is round. You will have to rock your stamp side to side to get it pressed on the cake evenly.

Cakes that have been stamped.....

Think how creative and unique your cakes can get! The endless possibilities!

Get Stampin!!!


  1. this is so cool I didn't know you could do that. I'd love you to add it to my What We Wore and Made link party over at

  2. I tried this last year - seems like different colours work differently as they have different water content - yours looks great!
    Thanks so much for sharing


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