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Barbie Zebra Tutu Set. Pink Black and White.

Barbie Zebra Tutu Set

The little girl inside me loves barbie and zebra, so when I was asked to make a barbie zebra tutu set I got overly excited :)

 My inspiration....

Tutu Fairy's Barbie Tutu Set + Zebra Tutu Set = Barbie Zebra Tutu Set

Barbie Zebra Applique Shirt

2 Detachable Shoulder Puffs clips onto the shirt or clip them to your shoes :-)

Pink, Black, & White Zebra Tutu Skirt

Pink & Zebra 3 Layer Bow

Our 5 Piece "Pink Barbie Zebra Tutu Set" includes:
Applique shirt with Barbie silhouette
Extra full Tutu Skirt with Zebra Bow
2 Detachable Shoulder Puffs
5" 3 Layer Hair Bow

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