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DIY Colored Cake Batter. Sweet Friday.

Colored Cake Batter
Sweet Friday

When you are planning a party you want everything to match your theme. From the invitations, to the decor, to the cake. What about the inside of the cake?

Lets take your kids next birthday party to the next level. Instead of having a plain boring white cake on the inside lets make the cake batter match their party theme too. Your guest will not even know until they take a bite.  Just add food coloring or checkout these cupcakes made with Lemonade...
Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes from Grinn and Barrett's blog.

MCW Flashback: Camo Cupcakes by Ashley

MCW Flashback: Multi-Colored Rainbow Cake (Tie dye Cake)

Send me a link to your colored batter cakes or send a picture to

From now on, my kids party cakes will have colored batter :)


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