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DIY Kids Art Table. Farmhouse Art Desk

DIY Kids Art Tables with Chalkboard Table Top. 

 For Christmas my daughter wanted an Art Center, but I couldn't find one like I envisioned. I told my father what I had in mind and he was able to create these Art Center Tables for them.

I drew out a simple sketch and he went to work. He used plywood and 2x4's. We painted the table tops with chalk board paint and added cork board to the top of the shelf.

We hung the kids Melted Crayon Art above their table to personalize their space.

Each art table has a Chalkboard Table Top that the kids love! 

Underneath each table is a shelf to hold coloring books and a storage bin for large art supplies.

Eventually, the cork board will cover the whole backing. I could only find a 2 pack.

Old Peanut Butter jars work great for the art supply storage.

For our older daughter we used mason jars for the art supply storage.
These Chalkboard labels worked GREAT!

You can purchase some Chalkboard labels HERE. Leave them as is or cut them in half to get more for your money.  I love them and I will be purchasing more. 
TIP: Instead of using chalk use a chalk marker. It will stay on better and less dust!

I love seeing my kids be creative!

Now, it's time to work on a reading center...  EEEK!! So excited!

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