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Are you on Instagram?

What is Instagram?

I went to the country this weekend to visit my in-laws. This is their land. I love this picture!

I love Instagram! Instagram is an app I just added to my Iphone a week ago. It's great! I only have 3 followers and have only added a handful of pictures but it's great. I can take a picture and make it look "retro" and it will add it to my instagram page, facebook page, and twitter page all at once. Easy!
First picture using instagram. Just testing it all out :)
Jax and I playing around with Instagram
Making a wish
Madison was interested in learning about Instagram too :)
Jax and his fangs. He may be a vampire!
My Barbie Girl
I am one lucky lady!
Jaxson ready for bed!
Good night y'all! Test out Instagram :) It's fun!
 My Instagram user name is TutuFairy  
Find out more about Instagram {HERE}

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