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Creative & Cute Security Signs. {Etsy Tuesday}

Home Security Signs

 The story:
Last week my family was all sick from Saturday to Wednesday. It was a horrible week. On Wednesday February 1st we had cabin fever and needed to get out of the house. The kids and I went to eat lunch with my husband at his work. An hour later I came home to my front door and back door wide open. Everything of value was gone. We had been robbed! Not only did they steal everything of value (tvs from the rooms, xbox, games, computer, laptop, Supplies for my business etc..) they had went through every draw in the house and even tried to take my dogs. I think the only reason they did not take the dogs was because the dogs would not stop barking and they didn't want to risk attention being on them when they walked out of the house. I found my dogs crate in the middle of the living room when it was in the very back of the house.

I was already behind on orders being sick then I had to deal with cops and figure out how to run an online business with no computer or internet. On top of that I had 4 cakes to prepare for for the upcoming weekend. Wow was it stressful. I couldn't even reflect on the robbery due to all the chaos until this weekend. It's a pretty creepy feeling knowing someone has been in your house.

The good news: 
My neighbors have security cameras and caught it all on tape :)

The people who robbed my house waited down the street. As soon as I pulled out of my drive-way they pulled in (how did I not see?). They knocked on the door, then went to the back of the house and broke down my back door. They stayed inside my house for 40 minutes. YES... 40 MINUTES!!! CREEPY!!!!!! The cops now have the video. Please, pray they get caught. Not to get my stuff back, because I know it's long gone, but pray they get caught so no other family is robbed at their hands.

This robbery has inspired me to find a cute sign for my house. Maybe something like these security signs I found on Etsy.

Check them out....

We Dont Dial 911 Shotgun Shell Tin and Wood Sign
We Dont Dial 911 Wooden Sign from

Under Video Surveillance Sign, Security Plaque, Made in USA

Under Video Surveillance Sign from

Security metal aluminum SIGN Smile This Property on 24 hours video Surveillance sign
 Smile This Property on 24 hours video Surveillance metal sign by

Stencil funny humor warning sign gun dog, forget about the dog, image and wording combined are approx. 12 x 7.5 inches for signs decoration stenciling
Funny sign Forget About The Dog from Oklahoma Stencil.

I love them all!

A picture of my kids with their dogs I took 2 days before the robbery...
I couldn't imagine not having Coda and Pinkie in our lives. Coda has been with Madison since her 4th birthday and PINKIE has been with Jaxson since I was 6 months pregnant with him. 


  1. This is awful.Seems like happening everywhere now.One thing you will be more observent I'm so glad they did not get your beautiful dogs.Hope catch them..Prayers

  2. That's so horrible. I can't even imagine how you must feel. I'm glad they didn't take your dogs though - that would be like taking family.

  3. Thank yall so much! Yes, I will be more observant that I already am. We couldn't imagine if they took the dogs. They are family. We did buy a new dog. We bought a boxer so we could have a big dog in the house. I can't wait to show yall some pictures, but we do not get her until the 22nd :) I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


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