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DIY Fondant Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers. {DIY Monday}

Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and lots of men will be popping the question. These engagement ring cupcakes will be perfect for the upcoming engagement party. I did not make these cupcakes, but I did help make these Fondant Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers.

You Will Need:
Paint Brush
Wilton's Yellow Pearl Dust
Wilton's Silver Pearl Dust
Engagement Ring Candy Mold
Baking Spray
Exacto Knife
Clear Vanilla Extra or Lemon Juice

DIY Steps:

  1. Knead a small piece of fondant with your hands until it's soft and pliable. Just enough fondant to fit inside your engagement ring candy mold.
  2. Very lightly spray the engagement ring candy mold with baking spray.
  3. Press your fondant inside the candy mold.
  4. Slowly remove fondant from the candy mold.
  5. Cut the excess fondant from your fondant engagement ring with the exacto knife.
  6. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with the silver pearl dust and paint it on the fondant engagement ring.
  7. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with the yellow pearl dust and paint it on the diamond part of the engagement ring. (we mixed yellow and white pearl dust together so it was just a hint of yellow)
  8. Add a few coats of pearl dust if needed.
  9. Let dry overnight and add it to baked and frosted cupcakes.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!
What surprises do you have instore for your loves? Come back tomorrow to see what I have planned.

Friday I will post an Engagement Ring Cake I made :)


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  1. Wow! These engagement ring cupcakes are so lovely! My uncle who buy gold coins online would love this idea for his marriage proposal to his girlfriend.


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