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Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake. {Sweet Friday}

Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake

 This Hello Kitty Cake with Nerdy Glasses is the first cake of 2012!

 To make this cake use a 8" round cake and hand carve the Hello Kitty head shape. Or you can use a template and follow the template.

I saw that they even have Hello Kitty cake pans. Now, that would have been easier!

I hope my cousin likes her Nerdy Cake :)

Have a Sweet Friday and an even sweeter weekend!!


  1. Hi Raychel. Love you blog! This cake is so cute. Glad I found you and following you now!

    1. thsi cake is sooo cool. loove it. great job Raychel!!!!

  2. Oh MY Gosh how cute are those cakes! That's talent. I am glad I found your blog via the sss. New follower.

  3. how much would the nerd hello kitty cake cost if i want one made for my friend?

  4. this cake is the best ..... my sister totally loves this cake ! :)


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