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Remove objects from photos using Paint. {DIY Monday}


I don't know if this post will be helpful. I didn't know how to take pictures of my screen as I was doing it and I don't know if I will word everything right so you can understand. I tried the Prt Sc button but I couldn't find where my computer (new computer) stored the picture. I'm just going to try to walk you through it.

 In this picture there is 3 green poles and a silver fire hydrant in the top left corner. I also went ahead and took out the thin tree.

 DIY Steps:
  1. Open the picture with Paint
  2. Click on the "SELECT" rectangle button (top left side)
  3. Make sure it's selected on the "Rectangular Selection"
  4. Draw a rectangular shape next to thing you want to cover up. Like you want to copy a section of grass to paste it over the fire hydrant.  
  5.  Instead of copy and pasting it just draw a rectangular shape big enough to cover the object and pull it using your cursor to make the rectangular shape bigger. Pull it over the object and it will cover the object right up.
  6. You could simply copy a section of grass and paste it over but you might get lines. If you do the above steps you are taking a section of grass and stretching it out over the object so it's all connected and will not produce as many lines.
  7. If I made no sense to you at all just play with it. Once you figure it out it's easy.
Maybe I should work on the crack on the side walk. hmm...

Hope this was helpful :)

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  1. Great idea - thanks for sharing. I often use the Picasa retouch button - it's amazing what you can rub out!

  2. Good idea! Love it I will totally use this. Thanks so much for posting.


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