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Valentine's Day Sweets Table. DIY candy table ideas.

Valentine's Day Table Ideas

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day! I know this post will not help you out this year, since Valentine's Day is over, but I hope it will give you some inspiration for next years Valentine's Day.

I wanted to surprise my daughter for after school. I wanted something small but creative that didn't cost me too much money, so I made a Valentine's Sweets Table.

I grabbed all the Valentine decorations I had around the house and decorated a small card table. You can't really see the balloons, but I bought 8 balloons and put 4 on each side of the table.

The Back Drop:
I used red fabric with white hearts for the backdrop. You could use wrapping paper, but when you take a picture it will glare.

The Table:
Use a red plastic table cloth to cover the table. I bought the kids 2 little monkeys that I sat on the table.

The Subway Art:
Print out your own Valentine's Day Subway Art {HERE}. There are several different ones to choose from. 

The Cupcakes:
Make some homemade strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting and add some cute heart toothpicks. Make the heart toothpicks yourself or just purchase a bag like I did. It came with 24 heart toothpicks and 24 heart cupcake liners.

Valentine Wreath
You may remember this Birds Nest Valentine's Day Wreath I made from this {post}.

DIY Candy Suckers:
We made extra candy melts from this {POST}.

DIY Candy Holder:
This DIY Candy Holder is very similar to the {Marshmellow Holder} I made for my daughters Zebra Party. Just get a 6" round dummy cake, wrap ribbon or wrapping paper around it, Pin or tape in place, push your candy sticks into the styrofoam, and top it with candy to cover the styrofoam. I used those candy heart candies. 

Candy Necklackes:
I bought a box of DIY Candy Necklaces and made one to show the kids.
This was their Valentine's Day Craft and they had fun creating their own candy necklaces.

Anything goes and the kids loved the surprise!

 My Valentine :)

How was your Valentine's Day?


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