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Colorful Barbie Party Ideas
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As I was planning my daughter's 7th Birthday Party she jumped from theme to theme until she decided on an All Dolled Up Barbie Birthday Party. I needed some ideas and came up pretty empty handed. I could not believe there wasn't anything on google search for a COLORFUL Barbie Party. Of course, there are some awesome Barbie party ideas on Google, but they all were black and pink. My baby wanted COLOR! It was especially disappointing not to find anything since mulitple stores have all this adorable All Dolled Up Barbie Party supplies.
Well, if anyone else is in need for a COLORFUL All Dolled Up Barbie Birthday Party ideas I've created one for my daughter and for you! I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

Party Theme & Supplies:
 We bought our All Dolled Up Barbie Party Supplies at Party City. You could also get it at Walmart. We bought Barbie plates, cake plates, napkins, wrapping paper, a banner, gift bag, and table cloths.

The Barbie wrapping paper looked cute taped to the bar (1st picture). I bought the Barbie gift bag for her presents, but it ened up being too small so I just used it as decorations. You could fill it up with flowers or just tie several balloons to it for a cute centerpiece.

Birthday Banner
I really liked the Barbie birthday banner, but I think I should have tied some ribbon or tulle inbetween the letters.

Cake & Sweets Table
This was the Barbie Cake Table. I wanted it simple and sweet but with lots of character and pop.

The colorful balloons just pulls it all together and the paper chain was an easy and fun craft that Madison was able to create for her party all by herself. We took it old school and made our paper chain out of cardstock and tape. It was cheap and a great addition to the cake table.

Close Ups of the Cake Table...
 A great way to add color to your cake table is with candy. Now days you can find candy in any color! I mean ANY COLOR and with creating a COLORFUL Barbie party it was an easy hunt. I bought Candy Dots, Pixie Sticks, and Jolly Rachers. Can we say sweet tooth?!

 Every party needs cookies and I'm so lucky to have a wonderful bloggin' friend who makes the best cookies! Kathia from Pink Little Cake Blog made these Barbie Inspired Sugar Cookies for Madison's birthday and everyone at the party loved them. She can ship them too, so if you want one of kind, amazing cookies you should go talk to Kathia from Pink Little Cake.

Party Favors
 I did simple Barbie Party Favors this year. I filled bags with Rodeo City Popcorn (YUMMY!!), added a Barbie Pencil, and a Thank You tag. I made the Thank You tag myself and printed them out.

Use colorful flowers to fill up your tables...
Strawberry cookies that my Mother-in-law made matched the party perfectly and tasted so good.

The glass jars are from my living room decor that I just added silk roses to. You may remember the jars from this post.  Instead of buying all new decorations go through your house and see what you can use for the party.

Tulle Pom-Poms & Flower Ball
I do not think I could get sick of tulle puffs and I'm loving the flower ball I made. So many places these can be used. I've used them for Jaxson's Nursery, Madison's Zebra Party & Zebra Room, wedding showers, photography, weddings, and parties.

I made a few tulle pom-poms and a flower ball and my husband hung them from the ceiling with curly string and a push pin. The flower ball was something new and different. Madison wanted flowers at her party, so it was a great way to incorporate them in. I will have a tutorial for the flower ball tomorrow.

Learn how to make your own tulle pom pom puffs here.

The Cake & Cupcakes
 I made the Barbie Cake and Cupcakes.

Learn more about the Barbie Cake Here.
Print out your own FREE Barbie Cupcake Toppers here

Making a wish...
Wow! My baby girl is 7 years old!! My oh my how the time flies.

Picture Backdrop
 Over the fireplace I pinned up a Barbie Table Cloth to use as a backdrop. I'm going to start doing this every year. This was a great location to take pictures with the Birthday Girl and for her to open her presents.

The Finger Food Table
 This was the table of the finger foods with half the food missing. I forgot to take a new picture with all the food setting out.

Great finger foods we had:
Crackers, Sausage, and Cheese
Cheese Dip (Crockpot) & Chips
Large Marshmellows on a stick covered in Pink Candy Melts
Colorful Rodeo City Popcorn in Watermelon, Key Lime Pie, Grape & Cotton Candy flavors
Pasta Salad (my favorite!)
Pinwheels (my other favorite!)
Barbecue/Jelly Meatballs (Madison's favorite)
Strawberry Cookies

Yum my mouth is watering just thinking of the finger foods.

Cover wallpaper with wrapping paper...
 If you look in the far corner you will see grape wall paper. YUCK.. Doesn't go with this Barbie Party, so I just covered it up with barbie wrapping paper :)

Close-up of the food table...
Pictures Left-Right

Large Marshmellows- on a stick and covered in pink candy melts. Kids loved them! Just cover a styrofoam square with wrapping paper and stick the marshmellows in.
The Fork Holder- Old candy dish I found at my mom's house.
My Plate of fingerfoods- Pasta Salad, Pinwheels, Popcorn, Crackers/sausage/cheese.
Pinwheels- My mother-in-laws famous pinwheels!

Birthday Girl enjoy...
Madison taking a break from playing to enjoy some finger foods.

Barbie Party Decoration Ideas
 Not only do I sugest finding things around your house to use for your party, but make things for your party that you can use in your house. I made the barbie wall art using a ceiling tile, paint, ribbon, and a boa. Easy, ADORABLE, and can be used as a bulletin board in Madison's room after the party is over.

Learn more about the DIY Barbie Ceiling Tile Bulletin Board Here

wow.. say that 3 times fast

Table Decorations

I dressed up a wired mannequin with a boa and some shades and used it as a table centerpiece. Dont forget to frame your childs birthday pictures and have them throughout the party.

Great Bounce House Company

 I've used Jump For Fun for 2 years now and really like the options you find. Jaxson's Mickey Mouse Party had a boys castle that went perfect with his theme and this pink castle went well with Barbie or a princess party.

Birthday Outfit
Don't forget an adorable outfit for the Birthday Girl!

Barbie Shirts can be purchased at Tutu Fairy.

Mommy's girl...
Oh, how I love this girl! Happy Birthday Madison Dae!

I hope you enjoyed this Barbie Party and I hope it gave you some new ideas.



  1. Great Party!
    Love the back drop idea and the tule pompoms!
    Pinning for later when I know my girl will want a barbie party!

    Found you through Tip Junkie link up

  2. looks like a great party. love the backdrop. i love how people have been doing this for parties lately. it really would make a great place to take photos.


  3. This is such a cute party. You did a really good job and your daughter looks like she had a GREAT time! I love the picture spot! Would you come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share all your great ideas with us?
    Thanks I hope to see you there! ---Sheryl---

  4. I love your ideas especially the tule pompoms and the construction paper chains.! I'll make a lot of them to decorate my daughter's party. They're cheaper and yet lovely! I also like the hanging frame. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I love the purple color of your table cloth. have you tried pink vinyl tablecloth.

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! I will be using several of them..

  7. Great party! We are planning my daughter's own Barbie Party and I was wondering where you got the great invitations?? Thanks :)

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