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Fondant Barbie Ruffle Cake. All Dolled Up Barbie Cupcakes

All Dolled Up Barbie Cake

My daughter, Madison, wanted a Barbie Cake so I made her a Barbie Cake. It was orginally 3 tiers, but the 2nd tier ended up being the same size as her dress. I didn't like the way it looked, so I took the middle tier out. When I made Barbie I didn't calculate her dress coming out a few inches. I think this is the smallest cake I've ever made for one of my kids and I felt guilty. Madison loved it and that's all that matters.

Barbie's dress is very girly. She is all dolled up with tons of ruffles. I have a new passion for making ruffles out of fondant. It's easy, looks great, and I love it.
This is an 8" round cake covered in black fondant. I cut out Barbie's silhouette using my exacto knife. The silver beads are Drugees, and I trimmed the cake with more ruffles.

I didn't want her cake to match the decorations simply because I didn't like the decorations. I pulled it all together by adding flowers in the colors from the barbie party supplies.

Madison helped me add all the flowers to the cake. It totally made her day :) 

Strawberry Cupcakes with DIY Barbie Cupcake Toppers. Print some out HERE.

What plans do you have on this {sweet friday}?

I haven't taken Tutu Fairy orders since March 1st. I'm going to catch up on the last 25+ orders and then take a 2 weeks vacation :) EEEKKK... so excited!!

Vacation... No I am not going anywhere tropical. By vacation I mean, a vacation from orders, emails, etsy conversations, facebook messages. I'm going to enjoy my family and relax.

Madison's Barbie Party will be posted soon.


  1. Your work is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Thank you very much :)


  3. what tool did you use to make the ruffles? Im trying to acheive that look but dont know what tool to use ;) yours is amazing by the way !


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