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How to make a hanging Flower Ball. DIY Crafts. Tutorial

Hanging Flower Ball

This is called a Hanging Flower Ball, a Flower Ball, or when I got married 8.5 years ago we made one & called it a Kissing Ball. Whatever you call it it is so simple to make. You can change it up in so many ways.

I just love the colors of the flowers I used. To make your own....

You Will Need:
 Carnations - I used purple, blue, lime, and pink (24 total flowers)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Styrofoam Ball - I used a 4"
Ribbon - to hang

Hanging flower balls are so easy to make it only needs a picture tutorial.
 Step 1- Gather Supplies
Step 2 - Glue Flower Heads to Styrofoam
Step 3 - Cover Styrofoam Completely
Step 4 - Add Ribbon

Step 5- Add to your party for a cute hanging decoration...
Learn more about this Barbie Party HERE.

We've added this Flower Ball to Madison's bedroom. I'm ready to make more for the laundry room :)

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  1. Use clean, narrow rimmed glass bottle to hold a single bloom in style. Cluster a few wide blooms, such as carnations, in a teacup or a clear glass. Float blooms on water in a martini glass.


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