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Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake & Cupcakes {Sweet Friday}

Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake and Cupcakes

Yes, you've seen this cake before. I made one just like this a few weeks ago, but this time I was asked to make this Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake and some Nerdy Hello Kitty Cupcakes to go along with it.

These Nerdy Hello Kitty Cupcake toppers turned out adorable.

I'm thinking about making some of these cupcakes for my 27th birthday next month.

Instagram photo fun :)

I hope you're having a {Sweet Friday}!


  1. I love the Nerdy Hello Kitty Cake - so adorable. You do great work!

  2. Sherry, Thank you so much! I had a great time working on this cake :)


  3. so doing it for my birth day


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