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Use a Wreath Holder as a Purse Holder. Smart Ideas.

Smart Ideas
Purse Holder

I've never thought to blog about the simple things I do around the house that make my life easier. I just assumed everyone does the simple things I do, until I realized there are some awesome ideas I've never seen before it was pinned onto Pinterest.

Today, I'm going to share a small thing I do several times a day. A couple years ago I never had a place for my purse, so it just hung on a door knob, or sat on the living room floor. It was cramping my living room style. Totally didn't match my decor. Then one day I was taking down an Easter Wreath and forgot to put away the wreath holder. Then, it clicked....

Flip the wreath holder to the inside of your coat closet and hang up your purse...

 As soon as I get home, I open my closet door and hang my purse and keys. My purse never sits on the floor for those nasty germs to spread throughout the house.

I have more ideas I'll post in the future :)

Here's some awesome ideas I love that I've pinned to my "Smart Ideas" board on Pinterest.


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