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Peace, Love & Roller Skate Cake and Cupcakes. Sweet Friday

Roller Skate Party Cake & Cupcakes

I had so much fun making this cake. It was for a roller skating party for a little girl turning 7.

Here is the picture I took the night before with Instagram. She wanted it to match the invitations above. I made the peace, heart, and skate out of fondant for the top of the cake. You can't see it from the picture, but the bottom of the invitations has a zebra border. 

 Peace, Love & Roller Skate Cupcakes

I've never wrote on a cake before. I found some super tiny paint brushes (FINALLY) and decided to test out my writing skills. I did better than I thought. I stamped the Happy Birthday (learn how to stamp on fondant here) and wrote Kaylee.

I, also, added Peace, Love & Roller Skates to the top of the cake like the invitations showed.

Top view

I hope you have another Sweet Friday!

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  1. Those very colorful sweet cupcakes would surely be a big hit to kids specially girls. Just remind them to brush their teeth well after eating them so they won't have to visit the dentist in Huntersville nc because of toothaches or cavities.


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