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Captain America Face Cake. Captian America Shield Cookies

Captain America Cake & Cookies

 I made this Captain America Face Cake for a friends kid. I'm so happy how it came out. Once I finished the cake it looked like something was missing. So, last minute, I decided to get some blue food coloring mixed with lemon juice and I painted some shadows on Captain America's face.

Captain America Shield Cookies
This was my first attempt at cookies. I've never even baked a sugar cookie! For my first time baking and flooding sugar cookies I think I did pretty good.

How are you today? What sweets are you creating this weekend? Add a link in the comment section below so I can see your sweet creations :)

I hope you come back next Sweet Friday to see the Cascading Flower Cake & cupcakes I made for a baby girls baby shower :)

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  1. amazing job on both the cake and the cookies!!!!!
    the cake is absolutely fantastic!!!!!


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