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America Flag Fondant Cake

American Flag Cake

 I love anything that is RED, WHITE, & BLUE and I'm so happy that I was asked to make this cake. I made this cake back in May for my husbands grandmother's 80th birthday party.

This is a 6" and 8" cake covered in white fondant. I made the American Flag out of Red, White, & Blue fondant and once it was finished I draped it over the cake. I used piping gel to hold it in place.

My tip to you is to make your flag as fast as you can so the fondant is nice and soft with you drape it over the cake.

What did you do for the 4th of July? Did you make anything?

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to come back next Sweet Friday to see the Multi - Color Peace Sign & Zebra Cake I made :)

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