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Teachers Tote Bag

Please excuss my daughter's hair in these pictures. It was field day at school and she had a blast :)

 My daughter and I made this cute little tote bags for the end of the year teachers gift a few months ago. After we made the bag we stuffed it with her teachers favorite goodies.

To DIY you will need:
A Tote Bag
Iron On Letters
Household Iron

 This was a great craft for Madison to do herself (except for the ironing). She spelled out Mrs. Whittingtons name and placed it on the bag how she liked. I ironed it in place.

Then, Madison spelled out Mrs. Whittington's frist name, Shannon, and added it to the front.

I love seeing Madison being creative no matter how big or small.

More totes...

 I made these totes for a little girls birthday party. I did the same thing as above but ironed on some rhinestones and glued on a flower.

I made these BINGO totes for my step-mother's Bingo friends.


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