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DIY Pirate Birthday Banner

DIY Pirate Birthday Banner
 Make your own Birthday Sign Banner for your next party! This pirate banner is easy to make it yourself. I made this banner for Jaxson's 3rd Birthday Party.
All you need to make this Pirate Banner....
Computer, Printer, Black Ink
3 Layers of Paper
(I used a tan cursive writing paper, red & white striped paper, & a mixture of more writing paper & black & tan striped paper)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Bowl of Water
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You already know what to do! I really do not need to add the steps but here they go....
1. Print out HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAXSON on your cursive paper. I printed out 2 letters at a time.
2. Cut each letter out to the size you want.
3. Cut out the red & white paper 1" larger than the cursive paper.
4. Cut out the 3rd layer of paper 1" larger than the red & white stripe paper.
5. Layer the paper and glue them into place with glue at the top corners of each layer.
6. With a bowl of water by your side set fire to your paper slowly. Once a flame touches your paper blow it out immediately. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! If the flame gets too big to blow out dump it in water!! Do this step at your own risk.
7. Glue rope to the back of your banner.

8. Be proud of your handmade banner and hang it with pride at your next party!
More Pirate Party Ideas coming soon!!!

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