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DIY Vintage Inspired Headband. Ivory Headband

DIY Vintage Inpsired Headband
 This headband is so easy to make and looks adorable.
To make it your self you will need:
Ivory Stretch Headband
Ivory Satin Fabric
Rhinestone Button 
Circle Templates (large, medium, & small)
Needle & Thread (or use Hot Glue)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Do you remember when we made the Red Satin Rose Hair Clip? This is the same. Check out The Red Satin Rose Hair Clip post here if you would like.
Ivory Vintage Headband DIY Steps:
  1. Trace your circle templates on the back side of your satin. 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large.
  2. Cut your satin fabric circles out.
  3. Use your lighter and light the ends until they start to curl up. On ivory you want to do this quickly so it doesn't turn black.
  4. Once all 6 circles are cut out & heated you will stack them on top of eachother from small to large.
  5. You can use your hot glue gun to hold them in place or your needle and thread to sew all 6 circles together.
  6. Hot glue your ivory satin rose to your ivory headband or sew it together.
  7. Hot Glue or sew your rhinestone button to the center of your ivory rose.
You just made your very own vintage inspired headband! This head band will look adorable on infants to adults. If you made one I would love to see your pictures! Send them to
This headband can be purchased on Tutu Fairy's Etsy Page.

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