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Fondant Race Car Cake

3 Tier Race Car Cake
 My nephew Logan turned 2 a couple months ago and I had the privilege to make this cake for his 2nd birthday.
I wanted to challenge myself with a different layout than the normal 3 tiered stacked cake. The middle tier is smaller than the top tier. This has become my new favorite cake that I've created.
The cakes are a 6" cake, 4" cake, and 8" cake. The race cars are made from a rice krispy treat covered in fondant, so is the candle. 
 I will post a tutorial on how to make your own birthday candle soon!
The cake bunting was new for me too! I used fabric, glue, and 2 candy sticks.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this cake! Leave a comment if you have any questions.
It's going to be a Sweet Friday!!!

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  1. hello, I love this race car cake can you tell me how you made the checkers desgin or any how to's would be great..thanks


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