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Handmade Dog Collars by Sweet Keeps

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Candy from Sweet Keeps
About Sweet Keeps’ Owner

Sweet Keeps Owner, Founder, and Creator is Candy Smith.
Here’s a little about me and my personal life. I am a devoted Christian, wife, and ‘dog mom’. When I am not going to school or studying to become a Registered Nurse, I am creating! My other interests include sports, working out, and cars. I am a proud Texas girl- born and raised.
Though I am very excited about my career choice, being a full-time Nursing student comes with a lot of studying and coursework. All this time commitment to school leaves it difficult for me to find time to work outside of home. Etsy is a great place for me to sell my beloved creations and make a bit of money. I get to work from home between my studying and do what I love; creating!
This all started when I was about thirteen years old; my grandmother taught me to sew. Since then, I have been putting all sorts of things together. I started out making clothes, moved onto making purses, and then onto quilts. I also crochet, appliqué, and do many other crafts. You name it, I have tried making it, and if I haven’t, I probably will! It definitely takes a special person to put the patience, practice, and commitment into making great products. I find great pleasure in my completed projects and want to share those with all of yall!
After many of my family and friends kept pushing me to start selling my handmade items, I finally caved and opened a shop on Etsy about a year ago. At the start, my shop consisted of crocheted baby items and quilts. I love making all of these items still, but I am so much fonder of my doggie creations!
I have been a dog lover and owner since a child, and am very picky about the collars they wear. Everything is so limited at the stores, and when you see other dogs wearing the same thing, it becomes frustrating! Possibilities are endless when you make your dogs’ collars, or when you know a lady that makes them ;). Not everyone likes the same thing, and people crave the quality and uniqueness you get in handmade items! This is why my availability for custom orders is so important to me. Plus, if you are a fellow ‘Dog Mom’ and spoil your pup like me, a custom look for him/her is a must! Your dog deserves Sweet Keeps!
Convo me via Etsy for a custom order, or feel free to email me:

Sweet Keeps is online:

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