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How to Hand Carve a Guitar Cake

Carve Your Own Guitar Cake
 Hand carving a cake can be a tedious job for any cake artist, so today I wanted to show you a step by step guide to how I carved a LIFE SIZE GUITAR CAKE.
You will need:
A Real Guitar
Wrapping Paper
Pin or Pencil
Cake Baked in 9" x 13" cake pan
Cake Baked in 10" round cake pan
Box of Rice Krispy Treats
Icing Spatula
40" x  20" Cake Board
Remember this is just a tutorial on how to carve a guitar cake, not a tutorial on decorating it.
Do not be overwhelmed. It is simple! Just follow these steps....
 Lay out your wrapping paper and trace your life size guitar on the backside.

 Cut out your paper guitar template.
Place your 10" round cake on your cake board.

 As a guide, place your guitar template on the cake and carve the cake out. Keep all cake scraps.
*Carving tip*
Do not try to do a straight line. You want to go up and down with your knife all the way around. UP AND DOWN. UP AND DOWN.

 Once the section of cake is carved I cut my guitar template down to size to match the remainder of the cake.
 Place your 9"x13" cake next to your carved 10" round cake and carve again. Look at the picture. Notice how the cake isn't directly centered. We what big chunks of cake left for the handle so set aside the cake scraps again.
 This is what you have so far!
 This is your cake scraps that you have cut away from your guitar cake so far.
 With your cake scraps you want to make the neck of the guitar.
 If you do not have enough cake use rice krispy treats to fill in the gaps.

Lets get dirty!!!
Now that your cake is carved you want to dirty ice your cake.
 is when you cover your cake in a thin layer of icing. THIN LAYER!
Now, is the fun part!

 Cover and decorate your guitar to your liking in fondant!
I used silver embroidery thread for the strings.
Thanks for reading this tutorial. I know you can do this!
Where do I purchase a 20" x 40" cake board?
Home Depot will cut a piece of plywood for you. Just cover it in silver cake board wrapping foil found at your local cake supply store.
Do you have any questions? Please, leave a comment below.


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