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How to make a GHOST out of tulle

Tulle Ghost Tutorial
Who doesn't love a good easy Ghost Craft! Better yet, lets make it out of TULLE! I just love tulle, don't you?
This Tulle Ghost Tutorial is fun and easy for the kids to do, too!
All you need:
White Tulle (I use 3 6x25 rolls. One roll will be enough. I just cut 3 at a time.)
White String
Black Paint or Marker (I used black fabric paint)
Tulle Ghost Tutorial:
Cut 21 strands of white tulle at 16" long.

 Fold the tulle in half to find the middle. String it together leaving a strand of string to hang up your ghost when we are finished.
Keep your ghost folded in half. About 3" down from your string tie another string around your tulle forming the head of your ghost.
Trim the bottom of your tulle into a point with your scissors.

Add black Ghost eyes & mouth.
Thank you for reading this tutorial! Have fun creating :)
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