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How to make a PUMPKIN out of tulle

Pumpkin Tulle Tutorial

As you know I work with tulle on a daily basis. I've had this idea in my head since last year and finally decide to create it. A TULLE PUMPKIN!
If you remember how to make a TULLE POM POM PUFF you will find this tutorial super easy.
I've never seen a Tulle Puff Pumpkin and can't wait to show you. It's so cute!
Supplies needed to make it yourself....
Orange Tulle (One 6 inch by 25 feet of tulle will work, but I cut 3 at a time so I use 3 rolls)
1 Brown Tulle
2 Small Rubber Bands
Black felt (optional)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)
Gather your tulle and line up 3 orange tulle's at once. You can cut them one at a time, but cutting 3 at a time will save you some cutting.
Cut your tulle...
I want a 8" pumpkin, so I cut my tulle at 8.5 inches. I cut my tulle 15 times, making 45 strands of orange tulle. If you are cutting one by one, cut 45 strands of tulle.

This is not an exact science. You can cut more or less tulle depending on how full you want your pumpkin to be.
Gather your tulle up (doesn't have to be perfectly even) and find the middle. Rubber band the middle in place or string it together.

 Cut 3 strands of brown tulle (16") and tie it in a double knot securing your orange tulle.
 Braid the brown tulle and secure it with a rubber band. If the brown braid is too long for your pumpkin cut it to make it shorter. I kept mine long.
Gather the ends of one side of your pumpkin and cut the ends to make it straight. Do the same thing to the other side of your pumpkin.

Separate your tulle pumpkin one side at a time to form a ball shape.

Leave your pumpkin as is or cut a fun face out of black felt.

Hot glue in place for a super fun and cute Halloween Tulle Pumpkin Craft.
 I bet it is ADORABLE! Please leave a comment if you created a tulle pumpkin puff. How did it go?  Was it super easy?
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Please stay connected with My Creative Way! You know you want to see the tutorial on
how to make a Tulle Ghost.  
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  1. So cute!! I am definitely making this and I just pinned it.


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